Master Baiter

17 Aug

I believe in two schools of thought when it comes to baiting.  You can place one massive amount of bait at a site until hunting starts or you can  schedule your baiting. Both tactics work great. They both have their drawbacks  as well.

Massive dumps provide a safe environment for the bears to come and  go.  There is no human scent.  They can come and go with no real threat in the daylight or in the darkness.  Their food will always be there.  The problem here is that when  you go to sit in the stand for the first time your scent will be new to the  bears and you might be S.O.L.  The other bad part is that the bear may have never been trained to come in during daylight hours.  The great part is that the bait site may be vary remote or you do not have the time to bait it.  So making one trip may be the ticket.  You might even have a bear that you have been after for a long while and are trying to leave this sensitive area alone.

Scheduling your baiting in small amounts is another tactic. There are two points to this: missed meals and scent.  You  might have some greedy bears that are eating everything.  The big night bear finally figures out to come earlier after a number of missed meals.  He can smell the goodies were there and now he  decides it is time to put the other bears in their place and come in during daylight hours.  When you are the baiter you get to see what the bears are interested in, just like in fishing.  You can keep changing up the bait until you get it right to keep them coming.  You are leaving scent in the area and if you keep your timing consistent you are not  disrupting the bears behavior.  Keeping them consistent  as well.  They do not know if you are there now, have been there, or just  left.  Human scent is a risk verses reward for the bear.  Once it is time to get up into the stand and you have put your scent killer on you will still be wafting human scent into the area.  He will think you were there recently and put his face into the bait, but completely unaware he has a bow sight with the number two pin just behind his arm pit.  Low risk to the bear for the reward of the best foods in the world not available anywhere else in the woods.  They have such great noses that it is impossible for them not to smell you.  Being the baiter is a huge bonus as your scent is acclimated to the bears.  However; if the hunter is not the baiter, her scent might put the bears off.

The moral is that it is good to be the Master Baiter. You get your  scent out there and you also get to get the bear!

Here is an old schedule I ran one year:

Castle Creek Outfitters : Baiting Schedule

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