This Years Hot Bear Bait

23 Aug

So everyone wants to know what the HOT bait is?!

What it really boils down to is what does the bear you’re after like to eat to pack on the pounds for hibernation? Bears are just like humans. They eat what they like when multiple options are presented to them. I can’t tell you how many times I have put stuff out and none of them eat it.Then one big male comes along and eats everything like dad at a restaurant cleaning all the kids plates.

They are pretty funny creatures. My advice to you is to start out with foods that will not deteriorate with rain or humidity like dog food or bread. Unless you are certain it is going to be dry out. Apples and other vegetables are going to keep in these conditions, but are just a filler. Not the desired fattener for winter. The guy who sets up shop second weekend across the street that found your bait site right off the side of a forest road has sugary treats. The bears are going to think “Screw that pile of apples!” you put out.

When starting your bait use stinky fish fryer or the local watering hole bar grease. You should be able to get this for free. Pour it at your bait site for the bear to lap up and step in (Read : Back Trackers article). Once you place all your goodies out, spray the area with molasses. Get it on the bait logs, on tree trunks and up in the leave canopy. You really want to get this wafting in the air for the bears to smell. The number one hot bait is something that will keep in the elements and will put on the most fat in a short period of time.

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