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2011 Black Bear Report : III

23 Sep

This information is as of 09-21-2011

Bear hunting success has been limited this season
Timberline Sports and Tackle : (218) 835-4636

A few bears continue to be taken
Buck’s Hardware : (218) 387-2280

Bear activity has improved during the day
Ben’s Bait and Tackle : (218) 326-8281

Bear hunting seems to be winding down
Swanson’s Bait and Tackle : (218) 675-6176


Crop Circles

21 Sep

I am not sure that many of you know that bears like corn on the cob, field corn, corn chips – just about anything corn.  Even corn oil!   They even like to hibernate in corn fields in shallow pits they dig and even bear young there.  Some even die due to combines in the winter harvesting the corn.  In some parts of the state that have bears and corn fields –there are great opportunity to hunt bears like you would hunt deer.  From the edge of a field.  Here is some video I took of a field in central Minnesota that a bear had knocked down some corn stalks.  The previous year the bear knocked down the stalks in a pattern.  This time it is completely random.  I am assuming it is a different bear or the young from the previous bear.  I found it rather interesting and I hope you do also to see some crop circles naturally made.  Maybe you will find a new hunting opportunity from it.